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Obtaining a Driving Licence in Perth

You can drive on a UK Drivers Licence for up to 3 months but after this period you do need a WA Drivers licence.

The good news is that if you already have a UK full driving licence you do not need to take another driving test!

Full information on how to get a licence, where your local licensing centre is, how much it costs etc can be found by clicking here

When you first receive your Western Australian Driving License you have a total of 12 points. With each driving offence you lose that amount of points and when you have lost all 12 points then you lose your licence and are banned from driving for 3 months. It's all back to front to what you would be used to in the UK for instance when you have to build up to 12 points to lose your licence.

Below are some examples of driving offences, the fine and the demerit points, please note that this is purely to be used as an example and that the fines and demerit points can change at any time. The author is not responsible for maintaining this list and it isn't comprehensive. Please also note that over Public Holidays weekends double demerit points are applied.

Offence - Driving through a red light - Fine $200 - Demerit Points 4
Offence - Driver not wearing a seatbelt - Fine $150 - Demerit Points 3
Offence - Not stopping at a Children's/School Crossing - Fine $200 - Demerit Points 4


myself would like to know how to renews my driving licence when i am oversea (malaysia ) at the moment, which my driving licence going to expiry soon.. pls let me know how to get the form and so on.. thank you

Hi Wendy,

If you have a one year WA driving licence and don't need the photo on it changing then you can renew over the internet with a credit card. If you do need the picture changing then you need to apply in person at a licensing centre. As far as I know, you have to apply in person at a licensing centre to renew a 5 year licence as the photo has to be updated. You should receive a letter to the address detailed on your current licence shortly before it's exiry date giving you information on how to renew your licence or you can log onto the link in the article above to get more details.

Hope this helps!

If I hold a national driving licence from Vietnam, can I transfer to a Western Australian (Perth) licence? If not, what are tests that I have to take for a driving licence in Perth?
Thank you and look forward to your reponse!

Hi Hang and thanks for visiting the site!

As you have a Vietnam licence, you do have to take a theory and practical test.

Go to the nearest licencing office with a copy of your licence. If it isn't in English, you will need a translation provided either by your consulate or from NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters).

Licences translated through a Consulate must be on official consulate letterhead, title stamped with the official stamp of the consulate and signed by the Consul General or an authorised officer of the Consulate.

Licences translated through NAATI must be completed by translators accredited to level 3 or 4 OR accredited to Professional, Advanced or Senior Advanced level, declared as a true and correct translation by the translator and endorsed with a NAATI stamp advising their level of accreditation.

You can locate a NAATI translator online at A fee is payable for this service.

Photocopies or faxes of the above documents cannot be accepted.

You must provide primary and secondary proof of your identity as well as proof of your residency in WA. At least one of these documents must also include your signature. Primary proof could be your current passport, immigration papers issued by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous affairs, a consular photo identity card or a birth certificate. Secondary proof of identity can be documents such as an automatic teller machine (ATM) card issued by a finance institute, a credit card or a telephone, gas or electricity account (not more than 12 months old).

When applying for a WA licence, you will need to pass a road rules theory test and a practical driving assessment. The theory test consists of 30 multiple choice questions on local road rules and safe driving practices. You must get 24 or more correct to pass.

If your overseas licence allows you to drive a motorcycle or a heavy vehicle and you wish to continue driving those vehicles in WA, you will also need to take theory and practical driving tests for both of these vehicles.

If you come from a non-English speaking background and have difficulty completing the road rules theory test, you may be able to undertake an alternative oral test at selected Licensing Centres only. However, you have to attempt the theory test at least once before you can book an oral test. You cannot use the services of an interpreter when attempting either test.

Take a look at the following website for full details and costs -

Hope this helps! Regards, Claire

Hi, I was wondering how hard it would be to obtain a motorbike licence in Perth. I hold an English driving licence and want to take bike lessons over here! Do i have to be a resident? I have family living in Perth!

Thankyou, Shelly

Hi Shelley,

I've just been writing about Motorbike Licences and How to Transfer Vehicle Licenses so you should see the info you need coming up in the next few days! How's that for customer service?!!!!

Give me another shout if the info that you need isn't detailed on the article and I'll amend it as necessary.

Regards, Claire

Hi,is there any reason why South Africa is not on the list of recognised countries? My parents will be coming over for two years and will need to resit theoretical and practical exams, according to what I have read. Even though they will come over with International drivers licences and have been driving for many years! Is this true?
thanks and regards,

hi Claire hru?mate i want to ask about the taxi driving job how is it in perth and whats the whole process for getting taxi job?how long it will take for taxi job and plz in perth which suburb is best over all.thankx for your co-ordination.

i got an Indian Driving License,
and i m 19 years old.
Can i get Taxi License in Perth.

Thank You,

i have victorian taxi driving license, how long does it take to change to perth license



My husband and I both got our drivers licenses in South Africa but has had them changed to full UK licenses since moving here.

Does this mean that we would still be able to change over to WA licenses without having to redo our tests (which I would no doubt fail after nearly 20 years of driving) or would we still have to redo our licenses because we originally did our tests in RSA?

Thanks for your help!

hi there
i have a International driving license from pakistan valid for 1 yr ,can i drive on that, or do i need to apply for Australian license ?whats the procedure,

i have a taxi license in brisbane qld, can i change to perth taxi license and what is the steps to do.



I am from india, i am here for collage, my course is for 2years.i have indian driving licence, i am holding this licence from past 7yrs.
how do i get a driving licence in perth?. could u plz advice me.

Hi, im an international student and i have just passed my practical driving test, I am just wondering if there is any way i can get a person to help me with my 25hrs(log book) because i do not know many people with 4 years driving experience


I've been driving over 7 years, and i'm not a reckless driver?? But i always wanted to know how much points i've got left.

Bloody asian...........? (DOH...MAHH).


I've been driving over 7 years, and i'm not a reckless driver?? But i always wanted to know how much points i've got left.

Bloody asian...........? (DOH...MAHH).


Im turning 19 this year.i live in Perth, i have a Malaysian P license. What i was wondering is that can i drive with malaysian license? I have a friend in Brisbane that is driving and he told me that he doesnt need a australia license in order to drive in issit allowed or do i have to take a full license in WA?Because i am about to get a car and wondering if i could use my P license from malaysia?

I live in Alberta but I'm moving to Perth for May to August. I have a GDL driver's license in Alberta (I haven't found time to take the second test for a full license even though I was eligible awhile ago). Will I be able to drive in Perth while I'm there for four months? I'm 21.


I'm resident in WA and holding valid Driving License from Dubai - UAE. What are the steps to get WA driving License,

i have victorian taxi driving license, how long does it take to change to perth license

i have victorian taxi driving license, how long does it take to change to perth license

i have got victorian driver lic .i have been driving taxi for about 1yr.i want to move to perth .what do i need to do if i want to be a taxi driver in perth?

Hi there

I have a victoria driver's licence , can i drive in perth?

I am international student and I would like to learn driving.I would like to know the procedures for doing so, i.e, the theory and practical. Your reply will be highly appreciated.
Thank You,

Hi i am a 24 and i am moving to perth in the next couple of month and i have a GB hgv licence and i was wondering do i have to take another test??? any help would be grateful thanks a lot Simon

Hi this is Dev,i am holding a WA car licence.can you tell me the procedure of getting the taxi i need to take any course and how much it cost me

Hi ,this is bhupinder,i have got 3 year old license of india,is it possible can i get license of WA,and once i got full license thai i eligible to get license of me full detail,thanks

There are obviously many questions that you have on driving licences but I'm afraid I'm no expert on these matters!

If anyone has a specific query that isn't covered in this article then your best bet is to go into your local licensing office and ask them.

Thanks for all your questions, but you are best getting the proper advice right from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Regards, Claire

i have an indian heavy driving licence and in coming month i will move to perth on student spouse visa what should i do or clear which test in perth to obtain the heavy driving licence and tell me the time frame or validity of my licence in australia

I have a Perth driving licence but am living in the UK and my payment for renewal did not get to Australia. Apparently my licence is on hold and on my return I need to go in and take a driving test to renew it.
As I am not returning to Australia in the next year and am in need of a licence, is there a posibility of taking to reinstating test in London?
Many Thanks


I am in Australia (WA) since 6 months and I hold a student visa (1 year remaining) and I just bought a car. Since I am not a permanent resident, is it true that I CAN use my overseas driving license (not from the recognized countries list)?!

Hey, NAS

At least, you need to hold an international driving permit. International driving permit is always accepted regardless to issuing country. International driving permit has 1-year validity and is not renewable. But, you still can get another permit. To get your international driving permit, enquire the licencing body or embassy of your country.

Western Australia now accepts full validity of international driving permit of 12 months. If you do not have either international driving permit or WA driver's licence, you should not drive your car since it is illigal.

hi i was just wondering whether i have to be a resident of WA to get a probationary license ther and also how old do you have to be in perth to get a probationary license, i live in victoria.

hi i just moved to australia a month ago. i have indian driving liscence and also got an international driving liscence before coming here. what are the steps i should take before converting it into australian full driving liscence and how long issit gonna take? will i have to attemt ny tests? plz reply


i had a western australian driving licence before, but it had expired on 2005, but now i am in hong kong, and i have got the hong kong licence through the western australian licence, and i am going back to australian, is it possible to renew my western australian driving licence again?

thanks for your reply.

I have one year old indian driving licence
Iam 20 years old
I have 4 years student visa
Can i drive a taxi
Thanks Navjot

Hi Everyone and thanks for all your comments and questions but I really must re-iterate that I am no expert in licences and what is required to be a taxi driver.

Please contact your local licensing centre or click on the links in the article to access the licensing website and they will be able to help you.

Cheers, Claire

Hi, im 23 and thinking about moving to Australia, i have a class 1 & 2 license and wondering if i have to re-take my test.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My driver's license expired on 28 June 2006, but now I am in Indonesia, how can I renew my driving permit? Thank you.

Hey I am moving out to Perth in 3 weeks and I am 16. I'm wanting to know how i go about learning to drive, and how i apply for my provisional license and theory test? Also what is involved. many thanks

Hi, I'm French and have a french driving license for 4 months now.
I would like to know if I can convert my french driving license into an australian one since I am moving to Australia in 2 months?

Best regards.

Can I Change my licience name over the internet?

can i drive a car on victoria melbourne full driving license or i have to make new one by giving test

I am an indian coming to Melbourne for 2 years on job. Will my indian driving license enable me to drive in australi? Do i need an international license or Do i have to apply for an australian driving license? What is the exact procedure.
Thank you

i got PR and move from india one month ago my driving licence is one month old so i have drive a car here or would like to learn driving.I would like to know the procedures for doing so, i.e, the theory and practical. Your reply will be highly appreciated.
Thank You,

hi just wondering wat i have to do i am coming over to perth soon and am on my reds in nsw do i display my plates and can i drive there

king regards
melissa dunne

I am from South Africa, my husband and I hold valid South African licenses, We are immigrating to Perth, what is the process to apply for a WA license.
Your response will be much appreciated

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