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Living Costs in Perth, Western Australia

According to recent surveys, all Australia's major cities are ranked amongst the world's top 30 for quality of life, Perth being number 5 according to a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In addition to that, Australia has some of the world's least expensive cities. The cost of living in Perth can be less than half that of the world's most expensive cities and the cost of living in Western Australia is generally lower than in the other Australian states.

The list below is a general guide to prices (please note that these prices are the approximate or average cost and are in Australian Dollars);

Supermarket Food

Loaf of Bread = 2.50

1 Kilo of Rice = 2.60

500g Supermarkets Own Brand Pasta = $0.99

185g Tinned Tuna = $2.39

1 Kilo of Apples = $3.98

2 Kilo of Potatoes = £5.99

1 Kilo of Bananas = $2.30

1 Kilo of Carrots - $1.65

200g Cheese = $2.00

420g Tin Baked Beans = $1.65

2 Litres of HiLo Milk (semi skimmed)= $2.77

12 Free Range Eggs = $5.93

500g Minced Beef = $5.30

1 Litre Orange Juice = $3.10

50 Pack of Teabags = $3.70

200g Jar of Instant Coffee = $7.00

500g Greek Yoghurt = $3.29

250g Butter = $1.99

500g Flora Spread = $3.49


Full Price Cinema Ticket = $16.50

Theatre Ticket = $45.00 upwards

Nightclub Entrance = Most are Free

Museum Entrance = Most are Free

570ml (1 pint) of Beer = $7.50

Diet Cola Can = $1.90

Big Mac = $4.50


Shampoo = $1.99

Soap = $0.75

Newspaper = $2.40 at weekend

Stamp for letter abroad = $2.10


Shoes = $30.00 upwards

Socks = $3.50 upwards

Jeans = $40.00 upwards

Jumper = $30.00 upwards

T Shirt = $16.00 upwards

Please note that this article was last checked and updated 6 May 2009.


Hi there great site...can you say what the average bills are for a 3-4 bed house with a family of 4. ( gas, electricity, water, Council tax ( shire?) , TV licence ( if they have one!!)

Any ideas for budgeting would be brill...due over in 3 weeks on a 4 year ( for starters!!) work placement. And geading for northern Subers..I like the look of Butler!

Hi Ian,

Okey dokey here you go....

We are in a 4x2 (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) house and this is approx what it costs us;

Gas - We pay quarterly and expect the following; $70 in June, $240 in September (end of Winter of course!), $70 in November and $50 in February.

Electricity - We pay quarterly and expect the following; $60 in April, $80 in July, $120 in October and $60 in January.

Water - costs us $140 every 6 months

TV Licence - no such thing here

No idea on shire tax as we are renting and it's included in the rent I'm afraid!

Hope this helps!

Regards, Claire

Thanks that sounds extremely favourable to the UK ( I was beginning to panic that cost of living was the same in Perth as UK)...UK based on monthly over a year...Gas £65 per month Electricity £50 a month ,Water £40 a month, Council Tax DONT GO THERE!!!

Hi great site, been reading up on Western Australia(Perth). Planning a move. can u tell me the cost of rent for an average 4x2(four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) house. thanx

we have just had some info sent over from the company my husband will be working for in perth. On the infromation for buying a new property it doesn't say wether the price for the property includes the land or wether the land is bought separately. Are we being stupid. It seems that you buy your land first then find a builder to build your house. Is this right? Any info wouold be useful. We hope to be out in october. """CONGRATULATIONS""" also Claire and family on your new arrival.
Best wishes
Lynne, Jim and the Nuttall Brood fro Warrington
p.s. This is a fab site. Just makes us more eager to get out there.

Hi all the Nuttalls!

Thanks for the congratulations, much appreciated!

You can either buy land and then build a house seperately or buy an existing property in which case the land that it is on is already included in the price.

You can buy land only from either a Real Estate Agent (in which case it's already been bought by someone else probably as an investment and they are now selling it) or from a Land Sales Agent (who will be selling it for the first time as they are the sole agents for those blocks of land or suburb.

The real estate agent will make it clear on the particulars if the price is just for land or whether there is an existing property on it.

You have to remember that there is stamp duty charged on purchases but if you are a first time buyer (which you will be when you come over) then there is no stamp duty for purchases under $500,000.

Hope this helps!

Regards, Claire

Hi Henrix,

It's difficult to say without knowing what suburbs you are looking at.

There are a number of websites that you can look at right now to get an idea of rentals (just make sure that you tick that you are looking for a rental property to get the right list coming up!).

Try and to get some ideas.

Regards, Claire

I want one bed room house can you please tell me rent per month at Myaree,Western Australia 6154


The negative side of living in Perth is that it belongs to the most expensive cities in the world if ratio of average housing cost to average income is taken into accout. Interestingly, only ten yers ago Perth was among the cheapest cities in this respect.

Those who consider migration to Perth should be cautious! I have recently moved to Perth and I agree with Janusz. The cost of living here is totally unbelievably high. People pay more than A$400 per week for renting a tiny 2bed unit. Outer suburbs are cheaper but Serious Crimes Do occur. Perth is ranked as one of the worst cities(globally!) in terms of housing problem.

Shopping is very stressful. No Shopping is allowed on Sunday, like a communist country! They also close early (5PM) on weekdays (Government enforces to do so!). For most working families, Saturday is the only day for shopping so the shopping centres are extremely crowded on Saturdays. Also grocery costs too much, probably highest price in the world (according to my friend from Swiss..he will go back). Other things (almost everything) are also very expensive here, due to its isolation (small economy size) and high tax.

Weather is not as good as you may imagine. In Winter, daily temp. difference is huge, easy to get cold. Here 5 degrees in C is similarly felt as - 5 C of Northern Hemisphere. Summer is very hot, easily go over 40! Oh, I shouldn't forget mentioning about huge number of flies all around the town, just so many.

I am surprised that most information provided in internet web sites is biased to one side...they describe Perth as a paradise. There is no such thing as paradise.

Perth isnt THAT bad...

There is a housing problem, mainly due to the increase in house prices since our interest rates have risen again. And with all the immigrants coming over here, it will be tight/hard to find a rental available under $400.
The outer suburbs are quite safe, much safer than some of the inner city suburbs, it depends mainly on where u are looking. A clear indication of the crime rate of an area is by lookin at the type of houses in the area and the gardens kept. A good area will have well kept gardens, and not many youths hanging around.

If you shop around a bit in perth you find you can get things cheaper.

NOTE: if you are new to perth, dont shop at stores like Myer, David Jones etc for house goods. Go to ikea in osbourne park, and BIGW for these things, you will find it much cheaper :)

Good Luck everyone

my husband got a job in Perth. We haven't decided yet. What I need to know is: what must your salary be for you to have a normal life in Perth. Having a family home, 2 cars, nothing special, just normal.


Hi, I'd like to know does anyone know or could they recommend a nice, safe place in perth to live, with good schools and handy to all amenities plus close to the beach. My Husband and I are hoping to emmigrate to Perth next year with our 3 kids, A 16yr old, A 10yr old, and our 7yr old. We are looking for somewhere that is suitable for our family as we've scoured Google Earth and web to try and get info on places which may suit our requirments. Please Help! if you can much appreciated Thanks, Lorna Ireland. P.S Great Site.

We are living in woodvale western australia and loving it so far the schools have a great rating and the crime rate is very low so u might wanna consider this area hope you enjoy life in australia

I'm a carpenter looking to move too perth next year.i've been to eastern Australia(Sydney,Brisbane and Cairns) but found there was a big difference between cities and also struggled to find a nice 1 bed flat(i don't like staying in dumps) for a reasonable price.i was wondering if you would be able to give me some idea on the wages i would be looking at for my proffesion and how much rent i would be payin on somewhere not far from a beach and close to all amenities.

Any info would be great!!!

Regards lee.

Lee ur wages should be roughly $35 an hour the rent is pretty xpensive depending on were u live . we r in woodvale wa we rented for a short while in joondalup it was $700 for a week so we decided 2 buy . good luck with ur job and house hunting


I am a Bridge Engineer(Civil Engineer) in UK. I've been to Perth twice and I'm considering to move there, but I am not sure about the salary and the living expenses..Will I be able to manage myself and save a little for future..?

Hi Anuj

OK, the kind of salary that you'd be looking at for a degree qualified civil engineer with 5 years experience is around $85-90K per annum.

The best websites to check out for you are , and

Hope this helps!

Regards, Claire

hi, just got back from a visit to perth to decide wether or not to move out im a hairdresser and have three children
we also rent in surrey.
from what i have seen and have been all over perth in the past two weeks from joondalup to mandurah and have found most of the areas very reasonable and safe to live is like the uk used to be 15 years ago. im glad they dont open on a sunday and close at 5pm rest of the week and a lot only execept cash not card so no chance of getting in to debt.
isnt that why we are all moving there to get away from the rat race of the uk.
chill out enjoy and make the most of the spaire time you will have .
i will be moving out in Jan 2009 at the latest.

Im so glad that there are many people intrested in migrating to perth .if u could send me a copy of there Q and A that would help me. Im planing to migrate to perth australia.thanks and hope u could reaply A.S.A.P

Hi all,

As with so many people, I have also been offered a job as a paramedic. My wife is a goldsmith (jeweller) and looks like we might be there June 2008 already. I had a look at the rentals, and they look good. I don't think the crime can be anywhere near what we have in South Africa. Any other tips that anyone can recommend? We do have baby a small 3 month baby now. I'll be earning about $1000 per week, gross.

Hi all. I've lived in Perth all my life and have rented in various suburbs all over the metro area. For family living I really recommend the southern suburbs. In general, the houses are much newer, so are open plan architecture and very well suited to family living. To me Perth seems like a very safe part of the world without excessive crime. In 20 years of living in Leeming (south of the river)we have been burgled once, and it was an oportunistic burglery as we had left a window open. There are plenty of excellent state (government funded) schools in the southern area - consistantly rated amongst the highest are Rossmoyne, Willetton, Applecross and Leeming.

You will find that most houses for rent in the southern suburbs labeled 4x2 also have a family room, study, games room and formal lounge. This is not so for many eastern and northern suburbs houses. A new train line has just opened, meaning that it will take you 15-30mins to get into Perth CBD from most of the southern suburbs central to the railway.

In terms of rent, you can expect to pay $300-$400(AU) p/w for a 3x2 and $350-$650 for a 4x2 in the southern suburbs.

Our family of 4's approximate basic weekly living costs (excluding rent/housing and averaged annually) are as follows:
Services(water, gas, elec.) - $50
Food - $300
Phone & Internet - $20 (with iinet)Entertainment/Extras - $200

I run a 10yr old Honda Civic, and do about 15, 000kms annually. This costs me about $20 per week in fuel, $900 per year to insure, and $400 per year in servicing assuming nothing major goes wrong.

The big thing you have to remember is that tax in WA is one of the highest in the world. You can view current income tax rates at

I hope this info is of some help and best of luck to everyone moving to Perth!

HI there,

I agree with Janusz.

Nowhere is paradise, the golden egg, the lucky country. All the points that Janusz made, made me smile that it wasn't a completely pro perth post, bceause while Perth has some fantastic attractions an pulls, there are some really valid negative sides that often get overlooked.

Been here a year now and already been back to England cos it was doing my head in here.

I used to walk a lot. Now i don't - things are too far away, it's way to hot to be trudging round with children even in a pram. It's flipping freezing cold at nght in winter and even in the daytime sometimes. The house just seeps cold in and warm out - all those vents!!!! i know Australians whove come back from England on hols and said it's not taht cold there and that they realise now how cold Perth homes can get. The food standards are not so great and lots of processed options. they dont have the same food regulations here i dont think. Tax is high - very high. Fuel is going up. Rents are through the roof. As for finding a rental - battling with 20 other people and shelling out deposits while driving round to see loads of home opens is a pain in the deriere.

I alos think that groceries arent that cheap either. Red meat is, but not much else. $4.50 for some loaves of bread!!! not all but a nice brown one.

clothing seems cheaper though - possibly closer to the slave labours of asia????

oh i could go on.

But yes, the beaches are nice, the weather is sunny (which can also get tedious depending on your point of view), the roads are a bit quieter but tell that to hubby who wouldnt be able to drive to work as it would take him way to long and cost him too much in parking, so instead he fights for a space at the train station car park and catches thet train in. sound familar?????.

It's lovely to have a larger home, a great novelty to build a home, nice to live near a river, a small city, and attractive city, but it's just not cutting it with me so far. Not worth the trade in that I did.

Think, think and don't cut your ties

Good Luck!!!!!

I'd love to know what exactly is so great where you've come from jandy? The nights are cold sometimes in Perth, ever heard of a heater? The days are hot, that's why people head to a park, the beach or sit at home with their air conditioners on. As for the vents letting in the cold, talk to your landlord and have them do something, or perhaps even close the vents??? Sounds like you didn't give Perth a chance and you didn't fit in as well as you thought you would, it's a shame. By the way, if you want to walk to things, there are plenty of suburbs that have shops and theatres within walking distance. Good luck to you, remember your thoughts are just your perspective and lots of people love Perth.

I agree with Ozzie. We are a family of four moving from Canada to Perth. My god, looking foward not having minus 20 degree weather and no snow, Perth sounds like Paradise to us. As Canadians we are used to driving long distances and we have really bad local transit in our city in Canada, so we are used to dealing with large volumes of traffic on a daily basis. We will probably be swimming in the Winter, but we are a couple of crazy canucks. I have looked a house prices for rental and they seem very reasonable to us in terms of price and what you get for your money, if you were in Canada you would expect to pay about $1,600.00 cdn a month for a house (approx $1,900.00 aud). So we think that it is a very reasonable city considering the wages people get.

I am looking to move Perth mid this year with my 3 kids. Has anyone moved over from NZ recently? Just wondered about any paperwork that I can complete prior to leaving to make the transition easier. I thought I would have a week looking around on my own sometime this month - visting centrelink, medicare to confirm what is availble.But any info appreciated.

Forgot to mention the cost of going on holiday, which is rather high compared to other places given that Perth is the most isolated city in the world.

I moved to Perth in January 2006 for a job. I left and returned to the UK a year later for various reasons.

Some like it others don't, as with everything in life.

Hi Maeve
Great to read your post, I'm from South of Perth too, but currently living in England. You are in a fantastic area I bet you're patting yourself on the back for moving there.
For everyone.....
I just saw some great houses for SALE in Willetton check out enter Willetton, the highest price was $689,000 4x2 and has a games room and POOL.... It's not mine so I'm not trying to sell it over this board but since the area was mentioned I thought someone might find it interesting to see what they can get for their money if looking to buy. I also agree with the schools mentioned but you have to be inside the school zones, ask your real estate agent or search the schools websites. Private schools are around those areas too.
Cost of living is relative to lifestyle.
The early closing at 5pm and no Sunday trading is so the small shop owners can have a life too and so the huge shopping chains can't take over the market with long hours and cheap wages. Most large centres open late Thursday nights for those working during the week and not wanting to go Saturday mornings its all about prioritising your life, just like a mother with three kids would have to do everyday.
I struggle here in Tesco mid week with long queues AND I have to pack my own bags (what is with that????)
To save on phoning the relative remember to check out using your computer for international phone calls back home or you can buy phone cards to help save the money. has some interesting groups you can join to meet Perth locals and ask questions.
As I said I am living in England and the cost of living here is huge compared to what I paid in Perth 13mths ago.
Places to shop, to save $$$$
Clothes: Non designer:- Target, Kmart, Big W
Food: Coles, Woolworths, Supavalue
Petrol: SHOP AROUND buy it when its cheap, NOT on a Friday before a long weekend.
Enjoy the life WA offers.

Hi, My family and I will be moving over to Perth within the next few months. I have 3 children 13 years / 11 Years and 7 Years. We went to Perth last March as we knew we wanted to offer our children more than they have here in Manchester. Just to be able to spend time doing things as a family and it not costing a fortune. We went for 2 weeks and looked around all the different areas of Perth. I cant tell you how much research has gone into this move. The houses in Australia are fantastic, but I agree they dont really go for heating, but like a comment before you can always buy heaters. You dont get much land anymore with new houses but they are very beautiful. Much Much better value than here in the UK. We visited a few schools in Perth and I can tell you they are so much better than here. They are clean the children dont look like they have been pulled through a hedge.The outdoor activities far out class anything we can offer in the UK. These are all the things us as parents look at when we risk taking our family way somewhere new. The negative side of the move to Perth has been the expense. For 5 of us it has cost us £5.500 it cost well over a £1000 just for the medicals. We have gone on a skilled working Visa for 5 years. Beware also that until the point you actually get your Visa you can be turned down at any point and you will not get any of your money back. You then have to wait 12 months before you can re-apply. ( As if anyone would after loosing money). With that being said. I am so excited about moving to OZ. We look at a web site called you can set it to send you daily updates of houses for Rent and Buy. Anyone looking to move between the months of October and March you are very limited to the houses you can lease because it coming into their summer. Another bonus about OZ is that you get Insurance only for the cars not the drivers. ( Saves a little money). I am a Hairdresser and my husband works in I.T. We have looked at the costs of wages. They are not as good as here but when you look at the things you save on, and the quality of life you will have there is no competition.I hope this has helped alittle anyone thinking of moving.


I am planning to move to Perth with my daughter sometime in December 2008.

Could someone recommend me a good government/public school that are not expensive for my daughter. She will be enrolling for 8th grade.

Thank a bunch,

Hi the site I have got all my school advice from is
It has all Primary and secondry schools on this.

oh my god ,i am moving with my fiance to perth i am a joiner/carpenter ,i have read every post on here and am in complete disbelife people who moan and whine about things will do it if their freezing their crackers off or sweating their back out so dont even listen to them they just like to moan !!!my aunt and uncle have lived in mulalloo for 28 years and seen the shape of perth form from nothing to something very specail i asked my uncle not long back would or did he wish he was back in the uk he said he couldnt afford to move back the uk this is a guy with a 900k house on the beach and his own business thats pays 250 k in materials a year,he said he wouldnt want to perth has given him a fantastic life that he wouldnt have had in the uk .i am leaving as i cant handle the work situation in manchester anymore i dont want to get up at 5 am drive to leeds or liverpool or london all week to work because theirs so many eastern europeans living 9 to a 3 bed house and working for 4.50 per hour every day like these guys do thats not" oh they work harder than the brits" thats exploiting them simple end of so we are packing up and shipping out .i have never been but you no what same shit shiner bucket says it all yeh you have to work doesnt matter where in the world you are you have to work thats that but when i finesh i dont have to drive 2 hours to get home by which time its dark and cold and pritty shitty so dont want to go out anywhere ,my point is life is what you make it just happens that you make it better in perth .as for renting i dont see the point of renting when you can buy a fair house for 450 k if you going over to live then buy renting is expensive its bound to be people buy property to make money ,and the food thing my gran is the worst person for food she examines everything she didnt have a bad word to say about grocerys in aus she said their was a much better choice of fresh fruit and such things clothing my god man its 40 degrees out side ill be half naked most the time !!!.i am a ex pro cyclist and looked at the cost of bikes in perth you get a lot more for your money compared to the uk and more time to actually ride .life is better when you want to get up and go to work and you dont mind walking to the pub or sitting out eating your tea every one can find fualts with what ever they see but if you are just going to find fualts then dont go and comparing everything to the uk dont what does it matter if you earn 900 dollars a week whats that in the uk doesnt matter you arent in the uk your in australia embrace it and enjoy all it has to offer become a aussy citizen and look how much the aus goverment looks after its people and country unlike the uk witch we are a second class race .love peace and happiness to all (the last bit was peotic hey )

Hello...great site by the way. I'm moving to Perth from miami (usa) in july for a job. Im a 25 year old single graduate student who will be starting out....Any advice on where I should be living in the city? I'm looking to spend about US$1200 a month on a place...any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

HI All,

Im from the philippines,we will be in Perth (Bibra Lake) on May this year for a work, i would like to know what will be the cost of living per week on that area, we have three kids 13,7 & 2 yrs old , i planned to rent a house, purchased a car, my kids will go to school, it is very important for me now to know the cost of living so that i would know if the salary offered to me is worth.


Any idea abt racism???

racism? if there are some racist in perth, don't u wanna come in? if that's the problem,then you have no place to go I think. newayz, are u frm india? I guess so. Actually it doesn't really matter if it's cold or hot in perth but the matter is if you have will to get yourself adjust with different conditions,then the whole world is open for you (except massive snowfall). At least you can find one of the best weather/climate in the world in perth which is provided by nature. But if you think that still it doesn't match your needs then it will be the best/wise idea to get help from modern technology rather than blaming the nature and weather because we gotta survive by the mercy of nature,nature doesn't care about us. According to a previous comment, I'd like to say that Perth is much better than London/UK and it's a clean city with extremely amazing natural beauty rather than dog shit in london streets.

Hello.... Need some latest info from residents of Perth (Western and Southern suburbs). I lived in Perth for 1 year (2006)then moved to UK for job and now coming back to Perth in couple of months as being transferred by the compnay. Can anyone please tell me the current situation of housings, food etc costs , how much they have risen and how much it costs now to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment/villa/house? I have heard and read a lot of mixed things......Cheers

Nick, Perth has gotten very expensive. I have lived here all my life and often speak with poms from work. Many are woondering if Perth is the right location anymore because of the huge increases in the cost of living. Also please understand since 2006 houses are a lot more $$$. Bring a minimum of $550 K with you and $50K for stamp duty. No that is not a will need 50 000 for stamp duty. Work is very easy to get but the cost of food and general living is scary. It may seem impossible but New York is now cheaper than Perth.

Hi...I am thinking about study english in perh and i would like to know about tke level of the universities and the kind of jobs for students. thakns

Tell you what for those who complain about perth GO HOME OR DONT COME
we dont need you the place was ok untill the likes of you people

I am from New York. Planing to move to Perth. Seeing the actual facts here, honestly I feel like moving to California or Boston.

Hi, I am thinking about moving to Perth next year. I have 3 kids, 8, 5 and 2, and it is very important for me to know how the schools work. Is it possible for a mother to work 8 hours a day? Are daycares for 2 years old available? How many hours do kids go to school? Is it affordable to get a nanny daily to watch your kids? Also, how can I calculate living expenses for a family of 5? Can someone give me a monthly value? As everyone, I need to compare the salary my husband and I will get with the amount we need to have a normal life.
Thanks a lot! PS I am from Argentina and I am tired of it!

hi.. I have taken up a course @ ecu.. will be commencing from july 2008... ur website has given me a lot of info.. thx.. but at the same time it has also made me sceptical abt life in perth.. my campus would be Mt. Lawley campus. I'd want to live somewhere around the perth city.. close to my uni. & preferabaly close to curtin uni as well since i intend to share a room with my friend who has secured admission there.. Is shopping really not allowed on sunday?? & do all shops close by 5.00pm??

Hi all, my husband and I are about to start the process of emigration to Perth. We have found this site to be incredibly informative for us and like some of you have said, quite rightly, life is what you make it. Our reasons for going are endless but some are as follows; the increasingly high cost of living in Britian, dreadful weather most of the time thus no family life outside the home, sick to death of people getting something for nothing when we have worked so hard for what we have, poor educational system, taxes, my list is endless. We are hoping to enjoy a good family outdoor life and be able to give our girls who will be 16 and 14 when we arrive, a great adventure. We would like to come home from work and be able to sit outside with a glass of wine to unwind not be stuck in front of the fire watching the same repeats time after time. We believe when our girls are older, if they choose to live elsewhere they can, so we hope to leave a provision in the UK should they wish to return at some point. However, with our help they would be able to get a house in the future in Oz, whereas here it would probably be impossible without major input from us.

We feel house prices in Perth are amazingly cheap.We have seen 4x2 houses in Joondalup for the equivalent of £200,000-£250,000 stirling (now you tell me where you can find a house like that in a nice area of Britain!!)We are aware too of the cost of the proceedure and are using a company to assist us. We are very determined to make a new life out in Perth and will be going for that reason, not so that we can keep making comparisons between there and the UK. Basically if all you are going to do is moan, don't go. If you think Britain has more to offer STAY. You're welcome to the place!! We are not the type of Brits who go on holiday then look for the nearest English pub, Bingo hall or chip shop, we go to experience different cultures, food, ways of life etc. We cannot wait to get out there and are keeping everything crossed that we succeed in doing so, thus arriving about June next year as we believe the process can take up to 15 months.

We know it will be hard leaving our parents behind but we feel so strongly about the move, that we are determined not to let that aspect get us down and of course, they can always visit us. We also have family in South Africa which means we shall be a lot closer to them and we have a niece in Perth, which should be a help.

Anyway, keep up the good work on this site as it has been a great help to us and will continue to be so, I'm sure. Thanks to you, we now know roughly what to expect as a salary, living costs, house prices and where to look for schooling. However, the questions I do have are; how much roughly are the shipping costs for furniture and possibly bringing our cars? how long does it take to get from UK to Perth?are we able to buy a property straight away if we are not taking out a mortgage? will my husband have plenty of joinery work to keep him happy and could he apply to companies a few months before departure? will I find work reasonably quickly as a Personal Assistant/Secretary? is the curriculum very different from the UK and at what age do they finally leave school? Ie our eldest will have taken her GCSEs by the time we arrive, would she then have to go back to Ozzie school for a year or two? Is so she doesn't mind that and neither do we. would it be easy or not to set up a joinery business there?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Belinda,
I can answer a couple of your questions. We are moving to Perth in Aug 08. We have looked into taking the car but it is very very expensive and is cheaper to buy new out in OZ. We have just got a quote from Excess International for half a house of furniture and its £3074.00 for 663 cubic feet container.If you go to their web site they ask you a few questions and will send you a quote. They also pack all your belongings for you so you know they will arrive in good condition.
Travel time to Perth also depends on where you are going from and how many stops you make. I went last year from Manchester with 1 Stop for around 1 hour and it took around 21 hours. ( Well worth it).
Good luck with your move.

Reply to Belinda - what a breath of fresh air! Your reasons for leaving the UK echo ours!! We've been here for 4.5 years and LOVE it. But most British people we've met do do just that - rush to the nearest English style pub and want to have their own "Little Britain" inside Australia - yeuch! Your husband should have noooo trouble getting work or setting up a business - the building industry seems unstoppable. School: Leaving age - end of Yr10 or Yr11 if they have an apprenticeship or FE to go on to - otherwise end of Yr12. School year runs from Feb to Dec unlike UK. Yes house purchase is made soooo simple here. None of the stress involved in UK house-buying. Once you decide to buy you're locked into a contract and that's it - no backing out possible for either seller or buyer.

Welcome to the Good Life. We'll give you a wave whilst sipping wine on our porch in Joondalup, okay!

Hi to everybody.
I am 32-year old environmental engineer and I was thinking to move to Perth from Italy with my girlfriend. I had a job offer of 75000 Aus Dollars/per year. Do you think I can afford to leave in Perth with that salary? I could understand that the cost of life increased a lot in the last two years in pert. In particular, according to your posts:
taxes are about 18000 $
rents per month are 1700$
bills (gas, electricity, water, internet) around 600$ per month
food for two people 600$ per month
Is that true?
Thank you

Hiya all,
I have found a great web site that helps you with your questions on OZ. Its for anyone who is already living or who is moving to Perth,

Hope it helps.

I am an applicant for sponsoship and want to come to live in Perth, Western Australia. I think the cost of living is not high there. I live in Lima, Peru and in recent years, we had a rise of 25% in the cost of living.

I am planning to shift to Perth wid my wife in next 6 to 8 months time. Can neone tell me abt d life n the cost of living in Perth as compared to Melbourne. Also an insight to towards the job market for MBA or accounting masters. And what exactly am I looking to spend roughly for my monthly expenses.

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