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Billy Joel Kicked Off His Oz Tour...

Billy Joel Concert
Originally uploaded by thisperthlife.
...with a bang last night at the Burswood Dome.

On stage for just under two hours and with no support act, he's still at the top of his game and a wonderful showman.

Amongst his many hits (there were only two songs that I didn't know) were An Innocent Man, River of Dreams, We Didn't Start the Fire, Uptown Girl, She's Always a Woman to Me and finished off with the brilliant Piano Man.

There was an "interval" whilst his roadie, Chainsaw, sang Highway to Hell but then it was straight back into the hits. With his piano on a turntable and turning every couple of songs or so, all sides of the Dome got to see his amazing playing and showman style.

If last night in Perth was anything to go by, the rest of Australia are in for a treat.


Wasn't he great? I bought tickets for my parents and also took my eldest son and everyone had a great time and really enjoyed themselves.

There are not many artists who can bridge the generations like that!

Billy (Joel) used light humour and patter between songs thus he lifted tone of a rather cold and initially subdued audience. His singing was rendered in rich, warm, velvety tones and the concert was well proportioned with a balance in song selection. The backing musicians, all brilliant in their own right, added a classy depth to the evening.

Billy Joel's comments about people buying tickets in the distantly removed seats at the far end of the Sports Centre and his comment to the fact that "It's okay 'cos I need the money" was, I felt, in poor taste; condescending to say the least; and highly inappropriate, particularly given the current economic climate and the high cost to purchase tickets to such events.

The venue was disgustingly cold and sporadically wet.
Despite the climatic conditions and the ridiculous venue selection, the audience was so captivated by the over all performance; the sound light theatre and the pure renditions of old favourite songs that to most, the concert was a total hit!

Perth needs a stadium that is worthy of such a warm affable audience.

Ignoring the hard to ignore Billy Joel concert for the moment, I suggest that we (we being as many of us Western Australian residents who love music and plan enjoy at least one fav. concert a year) all put in $100 each (I'm sure there would be more than 500,000 of us in Perth who would do this)! This would give us $50 million to build our own covered "music bowl" We contributors can then access tickets to a minimum of 1 free concert per year for a specific number of years. Each $100 contributed could also give the contributor a small portion ownership of the venue. This would be wonderful for Perth and how amazing to think we have the power to affect incredible outcomes if we work together. This music centre would then be a centre that we own, run, enjoy and it would attract many great events to Perth. A football stadium is not the answer to OUR needs. Let's build our own Music Centre and bring our own events to Perth.

What do you you want to be in it...?

Can we get free drinks..? :)

Thanks for reading my review...
A good drinks....

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